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This website is for the Patriot Guard of KANSAS.
The Patriot Guard is not a protest or counter-protest group or political group.
Our mission is to attend Fallen Hero funeral services as invited guests.
  *** Please read our welcome and mission scope below the yellow box. ***



Our mission is for Fallen Heroes in Kansas

There are no active missions at this time.
Please check this site frequently for new missions.


Welcome to the Patriot Guard, established on 24 July 2005 in Mulvane, Kansas by
American Legion Riders Post 136 members. We are patriots - volunteers - who donate a day of our lives each time we gather together to honor Fallen Heroes and support their families.
Our mission is simple: honor Fallen Heroes and support their Families.
The Patriot Guard is not a Veterans Service Organization, club, or military unit. 
There are no chapters, meetings, or social events.
The Patriot Guard does not sell merchandise or have a merchandise store.
Mission information is posted on this website.
We do not post on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Patriot Guard Mission Scope:  Stand guard at funeral services of America's Fallen Heroes who are killed in action or are casualties of the current wars on terrorism in Afghanistan, Iraq, or any war zone. We also offer this support to law enforcement and firefighters who are killed in the line of duty.

We are invited guests of families. We shield them from protesters during their final farewell to their loved ones.  Motorcycles are not required. You do not have to be a Military Veteran. 


kansas patriot guard, kansas patriot guard, kansas patriot guard