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Patriot Guard Mission Completed

for Fallen Hero

SGT Ralph Edward Suter, Jr.

Thursday 26 July 2007

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The mission to honor the service of Sgt Suter began at our staging area in west Wichita at the Quik Trip.  The short notice had us questioning the turnout we would receive, but as has happened so many times in the past two years, our patriotic Kansans began arriving early and kept coming until approximately seventy-five motorcycles and about 10 four-wheelers assembled. 

The first rider to arrive from out of town traveled over 225 miles from Stockton, Kansas to show his respects.  Other long distance riders came from Overland Park and Salina.  Local American Legion Riders and just good hearted people from Post 4 (Wichita), Post 18 (Arkansas City), Post 68 (Hutchinson), Post 81 (El Dorado), Post 106 (Larned), Post 136 (Mulvane), Post 256 (Wichita), Post 401 (Wichita), Post 406 (Andover), and Post 420 (Rose Hill) rounded out our group of supporters (if I missed anyone please accept my apologies).

Jerry (Jarhead – new alias Deer Killer) Allen and Leroy Perkins were instrumental in lining up bikes and passing our flags.  Many others pitched in and made this run smoothly.

After a short briefing, our mission began.  Although our ride to the Resthaven Mortuary and Cemetery was only about a mile, we had to cross traffic on busy Maize Road and merge onto heavily traveled Kellogg Street.  A special thank you goes out to Mike Shock for putting together a team of Road Guards who ensured our safe ride.  They all did a superb job.

Upon our arrival at Resthaven, Jarhead was already in place with 3 X 5 flags mounted on 10-foot poles.  Everyone pitched in and lined the front entrance to Resthaven.  A breeze kept the flags a flying and provided an awesome sight.  Three of our riders stepped up and volunteered to open the doors for arriving family, friends, and military guests.  Terry (Darkhorse) Houck and I placed a certificate and signed Army flag in the viewing area as our recognition to Sgt Suter for his service to our country. 

Shortly after the services started and everyone had arrived, the next part of our mission was to roll up the flags and move our procession to the grave site.  Everyone then had a few minutes to find some shade and take a break before again getting a flag and forming a semicircle around the area of the grave site.  The wind whipped the flags on the bikes and on the poles as the Army marched from Resthaven.  Many favorable comments were received from soldiers about how moving it was to see all the flags. 

The bagpiper (Charlie Lies), bugler, honor guard, firing squad, and military procession performed to perfection. 

A distinct honor of mine was to present Sgt Suter’s wife, Julie, with an American flag.  As is our procedure, we present the flag that is flown on the lead bike to her on behalf of the Patriot Guard and in honor of her husband.  We encourage her to display this flag in any way she desires and to use it for special occasions she deems appropriate. 

My personal thanks go to each and every person who supported our mission.  Everyone stepped up when another member needed some water or a break from the heat.  A team of professionals is my best description of how everyone performed today.  It was especially encouraging to see all our first timers.  Thank you for standing beside us and showing your respect.  The parents who brought their children to stand along with everyone are to be commended as well.  You have set an excellent example for our future leaders and provided them with an experience they will remember for a lifetime.

As I mentioned earlier, everyone made this a mission of honor.  Darkhorse, Jarhead, Leroy, and all of you – thank you!  A final thank you goes to Cregg (Bronco) Hansen for having faith in me to be your Road Captain.  You made my job easy.

As we go back to our routines, please keep all our soldiers, like Sgt Ralph Suter, who battle to protect our freedoms, foremost in your prayers.  God bless Ralph, his family and friends.


Doug (Grey Eagle) Lehman

July 26, 2007