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 Patriot Guard Special Mission Alert!!

for Fallen Hero

David Rojas

March 3, 2008

Garden City, KS


Riders and Patriots

David (Boyce) Rojas You have changed our lives forever

Date:  Monday, 3 March, 2008
Location:  Garden City, KS
I am starting this announcement with a letter from Deb. She has found a way to say everything I wanted to say and more. Since David always wanted to be a part of a mission, I say we give him one.
Dearest Friends,

David's earthly chores were done and it was time to go home. As in everything David did, he gave it his very, very, best and I know that he is receiving a beautiful reward from God. I doubt I will ever know totally why all this happened to David and why he was taken from us but I do know that his purpose on this earth was this one final chore of his...the chore was bringing thousands (when I think of the numbers I can't fathom) of people together in prayer...he inspired more people than I will ever know from the updates sent out, we received many, many, emails, visits, phone calls, letters, cards, and Prayers from all of you...think about this, in a world where many don't take the time to pray, or to be really kind to strangers because we are so busy, we just don't have time, but thousands were inspired by David's fight enough to pray often and show kindness to a young man they had never met...many didn't know our family...I would like to believe that this brought the Lord immense joy and he decided that it was time for David to come and receive his reward in Heaven.

Our family will try to deal with the freak accident that brought us to this point but I pray that we have all learned one final lesson from David that we will hold close to our hearts...one that is so very important to God..."LOVE ONE ANOTHER"...In the blink of an eye, David, Special, Beautiful, Pure, Loving, David was taken. How many of us have "things" left unresolved with family/friends...loved ones???? Life is too precious and as we found, way too short to let this happen...for David, and his amazing fight, please take the time, today, to tell those who are in your heart and important that you love them, and if fences need mending, mend them...it may be your last earthly chore too. As our family has realized, nothing is more important than FAITH, FAMILY, FRIENDS...we don't know if we have time tomorrow what needs done right now.

To all of our Family and Friends...all who have followed the updates on David...WE LOVE YOU and truly hope that we have a chance to meet and hug many of you on Monday as David's life is honored and he is laid to rest. I know how important it was to David, how badly he wanted to be a part of writing the THANK YOU to all of you...that is why I waited so long to send it...that chore isn't left undone...I really believe that when something wonderful, beautiful and unexplained happens in your life, it will be our David doing chores for our Heavenly Father and saying THANK YOU to each of you, David rarely left work undone and never anything so important...be patient if it takes awhile...remember how many lives he touched.

To our Patriot Guard Riders (Kansas & National)...David is a Solider, a Solider of God...Thank you for wanting to honor him by escorting his body to its resting place...he always wanted to ride a mission...he is watching us Monday and riding with you then and always with Pride and Respect...he knew the importance of our Mission and was happy to share his father with you...

In a few days I will send the final update of Day 55...David's last hours were an amazing fight. So many of you took this journey with us and I want to share his final fight and miracle with you...I do this not only to share but to help through the grieving process...

Again I thank you all, knowing that David brought you together in prayer and kindness will help all of us through this very difficult time. One final thank you...THANK YOU, GOD, for blessing me and allowing me to be the mother of one of your very special children. Now I ask that you please pray for our family.

With Love,
Ralph, Deb, DAVID, Levi, Raquel, Luke and Maddie Rojas
Keep the Rojas family in your prayers and in your hearts
Staging: Dodge City
0800 hrs (8:00am): Stage at Dodge City Harley Davidson
0830 hrs (8:30am): Kickstands up & head to Garden City to Honor David
We are trailering a couple bikes & will have room for a couple more if anyone needs it. 
Kenny Thomas
Ride Captain
Dodge City, KS