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Sgt. Jerry Mills - Ark City, KS

This poem was written by  AL & KPG member John Harding, commemorating a beautiful sight -
It was a cold and crisp blue Kansas sky
when we gathered to tell that soldier boy goodbye.
The people didn't show up to disgrace that lad,
but we were there to protect family and friend.
The wait was long but we didn't care
for we all came along to show the respect we shared.
We all stood in reverence that cold bitter day
waiting for that hearse to carry him away.
When someone in the Guard said "look up above"
and there it was, that bird that we love.
It was an American bald eagle, the symbol of our land,
doing lazy circles above that brave lad.
He lingered awhile then went on his way
when someone in the Guard happened to say
"well, he's done his duty - he's taking him home"!
In that blue Kansas sky he's finally back home.