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 Patriot Guard Mission Complete

for Fallen Hero

US Army Sgt Dwayne D. Davis

April 29, 2008

Leavenworth, KS



SGT Dwayne D. Davis, 30 Iraq, Leavenworth, KS 29 APR 08
Our Ride Captain for this mission was Doc.  Doc once again thanks for your leadership and the job so very well done.  
The morning started out very brisk as about a dozen of us met at “Doc’s Coffee Shop” in Lenexa, KS before heading to Leavenworth, KS.  In Leavenworth, we met up with several other riders and the day warmed up to be a very nice day with the sunshine.  Totally we had about thirty bikes and two trucks.
The bikes sounded and looked beautiful with the big flags flying as they made their way thru the rolling hills of the National Cemetery.
We set up flags and held a flag line for the arrival of the friends and family of SGT Davis.  We held the flags in silence and respect throughout the service.  Hearing America, The Beautiful played on the bells in cemetery and Taps sounded really nice.
As the family was departing and we were putting away the flags, we folded and presented an American Flag to give to the Grandmother of Sgt. Davis.  We heard that she was instrumental in his upbringing and wanted her to have a flag from the services in his honor.
Doc and Mechanic presented the family a certificate signed by the Patriot Guard in attendance.  The certificate stated about his military service awards and honors.  It also mentioned his tours of duty to Kosovo, Afghanistan and two tours in Iraq.
In conclusion, I want to thank the friends and family of Sgt. Davis, thank you for your invitation for us to stand in honor of your loved one and our American Soldier.  We hope our presence shows our support and help in the healing process.  You have our condolences.
To SGT Dwayne D. Davis, we thank you for your devoted service to our Country.  Rest in Peace.
Sincerely and with Respect,
Doc’s Chief Scribe and Yeoman