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Patriot Guard Fallen Soldiers Ceremony

From KSN News:

MULVANE, Kansas, Aug 14, 2006 -- After just one year, thousands are now members of the Patriot Guard, a group that started in Mulvane and has received national attention.

On Sunday, members turned the American Legion post in Mulvane into a permanent tribute for fallen heroes. The Patriot Guard dedicated a monument there as a tribute to Kansasí fallen heroes. Itís a monument that now stands as a permanent marker for patriotism.

The roar of patriotism that has become familiar to almost everyone returned to its roots Sunday.

Five hundred bikes strong, the Patriot Guard roared into the Mulvane post to pay tribute -- their mission this day -- a permanent honor.

The Mulvane post unveiled its fallen heroís monument -- the final touch needed -- was a brick honoring each of the soldiers in Kansas who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

One by one, families completed the tribute. Kelly Frantz placed a brick for her husband, Corporal Lucas Frantz, who was killed by a sniper in Iraq.

"Lucas is everywhere, so I can come here and see his name and he will never be forgotten, which is what I wanted for him -- to never, never to be forgotten," said Kelly.

But the Patriot Guard has worked hard to ensure no hero is forgotten. Back in October, the Patriot Guard, with flags held high, roared in to Tonganoxie for Frantzís funeral -- determined to shield his family from protestors. Itís something his widow has never forgotten.

"They were there for two occasions when my husband was killed and Iím just extremely honored to be here and honor them," said Frantz.

For this group, honor is everything -- honoring the fallen, honoring their families and honoring the sacrifice each has made.

The Patriot Guard laid 25 bricks Sunday as part of their monument.