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Patriot Guard Mission for

SPC Jeremiah Scott Cole

29 August 2006 - Mission for US Army SPC Jeremiah Cole
Note from DarkHorse:

The morning of 29 August 2006 started early in the Wichita area.  Patriot Guard met at the staging area at 0330 for briefing, and departed at 0400 for Hiawatha, KS.  Along the way we picked up more riders at scheduled stops.  We arrived at the Hiawatha Wal-Mart at 0840 and met with DC "Big Dog" Hannah, Ride Captain for the mission.  Our small group was part of a group of 150 or more motorcycle riders that came from Missouri, Nebraska, and Kansas.  Big Dog gave a briefing, and Preacher led us in prayer.  We departed 0930 sharp for the church.  We stood guard at the church, met the family, and presented our memorial flags and plaques.  When the service was over, all the riders provided a motorcycle escort to the cemetery.  The entire town lined the sides of the road for three miles, including all students.  It was a touching sight, and one that we will always remember.  The people of Hiawatha showed their love and support for Jeremiah and his family.  The graveside service included full military honors.  SPC Cole's grave was under a giant Northern Red Oak tree that provided shade for many.  On the east and west side were cornfields.  It was a beautiful setting for his final resting place.  The whole town was there to support the family at the graveside service.  This was a humbling experience to witness this show of love and support for Jeremiah.

Our thanks go to Big Dog and his squad for doing an outstanding job of rallying and organizing this mission.
Very respectfully,
Terry "Darkhorse" Houck

Note from Chuck:

Just a note to bring everyone up to speed on the Hiawatha (CPL Cole) mission for yesterday, 29 Aug 06.  We had a total of 18 bikes on the ride up (after our Holton link-up) and two more bikes met us at the event which gave us a total of 20 bikes and about 23 people.  That was an outstanding turnout for a weekday with so many people having to work.  For those of you who were able to make it, thank you for your support.  For those of you who couldn't make it because of other commitments, I'm sure we were in your thoughts and prayers.  Thank you for your past support.  I know we will see you at a future event when it is better fits your schedule.  
Below is a copy of a Sit Rep I sent to a friend at Ft Drum who recently retired from the 10th Mountain.  Above is a copy of the Ride Report Darkhorse sent.  By reading both reports you should be able to get a good idea of our day.
Sit Rep--Hiawatha Mission 29 Aug 06 
Thought I would drop you a note to pass on a Sit Rep for today on the Hiawatha CPL Cole mission.  Everything went very good.  We had 151 bikes (at last count I heard)  and they were there from several states other than Kansas, I heard MN, NE, MO, and IL, mentioned and I am sure I probably missed some.  CPL Cole was definitely put away in stile.  We didn't need to provide a "blocking mission" because the sheriff had the UG's positioned about two blocks away from the church and they had not arrived when we passed their "awarded" location.    A few bikes did have to pass by them that arrived about 1030hrs but that didn't seem to be a problem because of the professional way the LEO handled everything.
After the church service we provided escort to the cemetery, bikes with large flags in front of the Hearse (about half of us with the large flags were placed in front of the Hearse and the others were following), then bikes with small flags, and then bikes with no flags.  It was a pretty good distance (I estimate about 3 miles) to the cemetery.  The town of Hiawatha was out in force and everyone held flags.  There was young  kids and adults of all ages out showing their respect.  It was awesome, they also had small flags posted on the ground about every 20' for several blocks on both sides of the road.  The military color guard also gave a superb performance and there was a BG there to present the colors to the NOK.    
The weather couldn't have been better.  It was about 60* this morning at 0530hrs when I left for the Staging area at Sapp Bro's Truck Stop in Junction City.  The high for today finally got up to about 80* on the way home after the sun came out.   It was cloudy for most of the morning but with no rain all day.   
I would have to say that Big Dog did a very good job on putting this one together.  Darkhorse and some of the Mulvane ALR were there.  Big Dog had Darkhorse make the presentation to the family.  It had to be a long day for them, they SP'd from there at 0330hrs this morning.  I'm sure they had a long day by the time they arrived home.  It was about 1400hrs when they headed out in that direction.