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Fallen Soldier Mission Accomplished:
In Memory of
Kansas Army National Guard
SSGT David Russell Berry


Airport Honor Escort Completed
For Fallen Hero SSGT David Berry
01 March 2007
Thursday 01 March 2007 at 2115 hrs the Patriot Guard met in the parking lot west side of Wichita International Airport terminal to provide a motorcycle flag honor guard to escort Kansas Army National Guard SSGT David R. Berry to a funeral home in Conway Springs, KS.
70 plus Riders from as far a way as Medicine Lodge, Pratt, and area cities line up with all flags ready to ride when the flight arrived at 2155 hrs.  The flight arrived, we put the hearse with SSGT Berry, his family, friends, military honor guard and personal friend SSGT Lary Patrick who escorted his body all the way to Wichita in between 2 complete flag honor guards
Before departure the Patriot Guard circled the hearse and Ron "Doc" Herndon our PG Chaplain provided a soldiers prayer for SSGT Berry and all who was present.  No one seem to notice the bitter cold night air as we travel at a 35 MPH speed to Conway Springs (30 miles).
The town was very quiet except for the friends, city police and sheriff officers waiting for our arrival.  We parked in the front of the Mortuary and lined up in formation around the Hearse to salute SSGT Berry as the Military Honor Guard from his unit carried him inside. We stood by his wife, family, and friends and then slowly walked back to our motorcycles to head home.
We thank all the Law Enforcement Officers and Airport Security Officers for their assistance in keeping the escort safe.
God Bless David Barry and all of his Family.  It was an Honor to Escort SSGT Berry who died for our freedom home.
Respectfully and from all of the Patriot Guard,
Darkhorse, Bronco 6, and Ebay
01 March 2007
Fallen Soldier Mission Accomplished:
In Memory of
Kansas Army National Guard
SSGT David Russell Berry

Saturday morning 03 March 2007, approximately 180 motorcycles, plus 40 or more automobiles, converged in Wichita, KS to pay tribute and honor SSGT Berry's ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.    Patriot Guard came from all over Kansas for the funeral and burial services.  16 Patriot Guard met at the Ebersole Mortuary in Conway Springs, KS 0930 hrs and escorted SSGT Berry with all an flags flying.  Pigpen (Lonny) carried the American Flag which would be given to Mrs. David Berry at the gravesite in Milton, KS at the end of the day.  The cold wind out the north cut to the bone all day but it seem not to bother anyone because this was the least we could do for this fallen soldier. 

The Patriot Guard was escorted from the staging area to the church by 6 Patriot Guard road guards where we stood guard and held the American Flag shoulder to shoulder for SSGT Berry, his wife, his family, and friends.  This was a full military honors funeral, with honor guard provided by friends and soldiers in his unit he served with in the 161st Field Artillery, Kansas Army National Guard.  There were 6 men in his unit wounded during this battle in Iraq and 2  were present at the service. There were 40 or more members of Berry's battalion, several hundred friends from his home town area, Gov Kathleen Sebelius, Rep Todd Tiahart, Major General Tod Bunting of the TAG, State Command Sergeant Major Stephen Rodina, and many more high ranking military mourners.  They were the best of friends and we learned all National Guard units are family and know each other. 
The Patriot Guard provided an avenue of flags at the church.  After the service started the Patriot Guard rolled up the big flags on ten foot poles and lined up the motorcycles without flags, flag truck, and 4 wheel vehicles to travel to Milton, KS to set up the avenue of flags for the arrival of the family and motorcycle honor guard flag escort.   
Pigpen (Lonny) with the Honored American Flag and lead motorcycle honor guard flying all colors escorted the hearse and family vehicles and a second motorcycle honor guard with all flags were next leading the vehicles with the friends of family from the church to Milton, KS.  In front of the hearse SSGT Shaun flew the 161st Field Artillery unit flag on his motorcycle. The route from Wichita to Milton went through several small towns, and the communities showed their support everywhere.  School children and adults lined the streets, waving flags, placing their hands over their hearts, several young boys were standing at attention and saluting as the procession passed.  The community gratitude and love for SSGT Berry and his family showed on the faces of hundreds.  Arriving at Milton the procession passed through the avenue of flags provided by the Patriot Guard and citizens.  The Harper Fire Department hung a large American flag from its truck at the turn off to the cemetery. The area school buses provided transportation to the cemetery to meet and support the family.
At the gravesite the full military honors were bestowed. The 21-gun salute and Silver Taps echoed across the country side and SSGT David Russell Berry was laid to rest.  
After the service, the United Methodist Church in Milton provided dinner for all present.
The Patriot Guard sincerely thanks all the law enforcement agencies involved in this mission.  They provided escort from city to city, county to county, all the way to Milton, KS.  Their efforts to ensure our safe travel were outstanding.  We also thank the generous citizens of Milton who provided food.  From Wichita to Milton, the citizens opened their arms to the Patriot Guard in the same manner that we opened our arms to the David Berry's family.
We extend our personal thanks to the Patriot Guard Road Guards, Ride Captains, Co-Captains and Tail End Charlie.  You made this a safe mission for everyone involved.  I also thank each and every person who supported the Fallen Soldier mission.  Thank you for all the teamwork.  "Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."
The Patriot Guard extends a very special "thank you" to US Army Captain Dave Quintana the Casualty Assistance Officer who assisted the Berry family and was the military liaison who kept the Patriot Guard informed. 
The Patriot Guard extends our gratitude to all the soldiers, who like SSGT David Berry, guard America's front battle line.  We, the Patriot Guard, are guarding their "back" here in the United States.   Because of our soldiers, America remains free.  God bless the Berry family, and God bless all our soldiers.
Darkhorse, Bronco 6, Ebay
04 March 2007