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Patriot Guard Mission Alert

SGT Ian C. Anderson of Prairie Village, KS

January 24, 25 & 26, 2007


Final Mission Report from "Doc" ~


This was a 3 stage mission.  The first phase began on Wednesday night with 28 motorcycles and riders along with a number of dedicated members in cages.  The remains were escorted from KCI Airport to Amos Funeral Home in Lenexa.

Upon arrival at the funeral home, the family and escort were welcomed by about 40 riders with large flags.  The temperatures were in the lower 30’s and the roads were wet, icy or sandy in various places.   Many riders rode 80 to 150 miles round trip.

Kansas City Star Video can be seen at:


Phase two included a Visitation Watch at the funeral home.  Our riders stood watch and formed an avenue of flags as family and mourners filed in and out of the funeral home.   There were 75 to 80 Patriot Guard members rotating duty for this watch.


Phase three was a standard Funeral Mission and Escort to the cemetery in Lenexa.  Riders arrived early for staging and travel to the church.  The church and parking lot was lined with 100 flags and riders standing guard.  The widow was presented with the PGR engraved plaque and KPG Framed Certificate of Appreciation.  The widow was also presented with a service flag signed by each rider along with a Gold Star Pin.   Darice of Soldiers Angels presented the widow with Soldier Angels Medals mounted on miniature flags. 


At the conclusion of the funeral, the body and family were escorted to the cemetery.  The gravesite was surrounded with Patriot Guard holding the 100 flags.  Tom “Wingman” Allen played “Taps” with a second trumpeter playing “echo”. Job well done. 


A heartfelt “Thank You” to each and every rider who attended this mission.  Every member played an important part.  It could not have been accomplished without each of you.  The family as well as the military representatives were impressed and grateful to each of you.   To know that total strangers cared enough to be of service, meant so much to the family. 


A final thanks to Darice of Soldiers Angels for providing coffee and doughnuts at the staging area.


Photos can be viewed @:  http://community.webshots.com/user/chevytruck102